Tips for  NetDry electronic dry Cabinet

1. the first time you use the dry air cabient, please read the corresponding instructions carefully. If you do not follow the relevant instructions, the factory will not bear any responsibility.

2. please do not put the dryer cabinet near the air outlet (next to the air conditioning, next to the exhaust fan, under the fan, at the door, etc.) and where the smoke and moisture are large, which will affect the moisture control effect of the machine.

3. please put the humidity controlled cabinet in the room where the sunlight can not be directly directed.

4. Set aside about 20 CM distance between the cabinet and the wall to maintain good moisture control effect.

5. the dry storage cabinet is electrified for the first time (220 V/50HZ) and used again after a long time without use, please run the empty box for more than 12 hours and confirm that the humidity has dropped to a lower level.

Notes on Placement

1. placing items, please pay attention not to close to the dehumidifier, and the dehumidification hole should be careful not to be stuck by small objects, leaving a certain dehumidification operation space for the dehumidifier to avoid the effect of dehumidification affected.

2. the first time this  moisture control cabinet is placed, it takes a little longer to reach the humidity you set because the items are more or contain more water. In addition, when taking and releasing items, shorten the opening time as far as possible so that the humidity in the cabinet will not rise too high.

3. if food and chemicals are stored, please pack tightly so as not to taste and affect moisture absorption effect.