NetDry electronic dry cabinet has below advantages:

1.No noise, no tide, no frost, no heat effect, dehumidification effect is stable.

2.Using +4A molecular sieve absorption material, it can quickly dehumidify

3.Switzerland imported temperature-humidity sensors


NetDry electronic dry cabinet has below features:

1.LED high bright display,  humidity value can be set and memory, no need reset after power failure.

2.Switzerland imported temperature-humidity sensor

3.Precision: moisture degree ± 3% RH; temperature ± 1 ℃

4. With an intelligent choke system

5.Made by 1.0mm and 1.2mm steel plate, enhanced structure, good bearing performance, layered shelf, and tight closed performance are excellent.

6. Exterior treatment uses advanced orange paint with 18 processes, strong corrosion resistance.

7.3.2mm safety tempered glass window, lock system is with anti-theft function.

8.Universal casters and supports with brake at the bottom