Integrated circuit chips such as IC, BGA, QFP are common electronic products. These devices belong to MSD(moisture sensitive components), a low humidity storage cabinet creates a low humidity environment for electronic components.

Some colleagues doubt, vacuum sealing is good for moisture resistance, then the chip needs to be sealed before putting it into the cabinet? Actually, this is unnecessary. The premise of the vacuum packaging is that the chip needs to dry first, in the absence of moisture absorption, once the chip has received moisture, the vacuum may prevent the moisture from entering again.

The moisture inside the chip will lead to metal oxidation inside,  the humidity on the surface of the device will further penetrate into the chip. On one hand, the low humidity dry cabinet can stop chips from getting damp, on the other hand, the moisture inside chips is slowly released into the low humidity dry cabinet.

If the chip has been sealed before putting into a low humidity storage cabinet, it will be completely isolated from the low humidity environment, then it is unmeaningful.

10%-20% RH Series Dry Storage Cabinet - Category

If you purchase a low humidity storage cabinet if the end-user needs to open the door frequently, we suggest a fast dehumidifying drying cabinet. the chips don’t need to be sealed in a low humidity storage cabinet.

In addition, NetDry is the commonly used low humidity storage cabinet brand, produced by Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd, electronic/semiconductor manufacturers like Foxconn, Integrated Microelectronics, Husco Automotive, Star-quest electronics, use NetDry low humidity storage cabinet.