The drying oven is also called a hot air oven, or forced convection oven. The high-temperature drying oven is used for materials drying and heat sterilization, the operating temperature is  50 ℃ – 500 ℃.

5 simple notices, you can know how to do common maintenance about the laboratory drying oven, let’s get started:

1. Before use, check whether the power supply (voltage, current) conforms to the provisions and whether the ground wire is connected.

2. Volatile items, such as utensils with organic solvents, cannot put in, to prevent fire and explosion.

3. Take out the specimen when the interior temperature decrease to be <50 degrees C.

4.The electric drying oven’s motor bearing adds lubricating oil at least once a year.

5. High-temperature drying oven must have a good grounding connection.

6.Flammables can not be placed near the instrument.

7. instrument can not be placed.

8.Don’t live operation during maintenance.