Some people will think, why use electronic dry cabinets? Humidity control storage cabinet not only appears in our daily life but also used in the industry, most electronic products are required to be stored in dry conditions. According to the survey, more than 1 / 4 of the bad industrial manufacturing products around the world are related to the hazards of humidity.

For the electronic industry, the harm of moisture has become one of the main factors in product quality control.

1.During operation of electronics: between semi-finished products in packaging and the next process; between PCB before and after packaging, ic、bga、pcb, devices waiting for tin furnace welding; unpackaged finished products, all these products will be damaged by moisture.

2. Other electronic devices: capacitors, ceramic parts, fittings, connectors, switchgear, welding tin, pcb、 crystal, silicon wafer, quartz oscillator, SMT glue, electrode material adhesive, electronic slurry, high luminance devices, etc., will be affected by moisture.

3.LCD device: Although the glass substrate, polarized film, and filter lens of LCD screen and other cleaning are dried in the production process, it will still be affected by the moisture to reduce the pass rate of the product. Therefore, it shall be stored in the drying environment after cleaning and drying.

Storage of humidity-sensitive materials has always been a headache, moisture is easy to produce false welding after moisture absorption, resulting in bad products, although the welding can be improved after baking and dehumidification, the component performance decline after baking, directly affect the quality of the product, the use of the electronic moisture-proof cabinet is necessary.

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