At present, the dry cabinet with anti-static function on the market is relatively few, but in fact, the dry storage cabinet must have an anti-static function, so why does the electronic dry cabinet need to have an anti-static function?

Electrostatic, is a kind of non-flowing charge in a static state, when the charge accumulates on the surface of an object, it forms static electricity, and the humidity control cabinet is used to store things, especially electronics. Electrostatic has a certain impact on electronic components, so we recommend buying an anti-static (ESD) dry cabinet. The harm of static electricity to electronic components mainly includes the following aspects:

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First of all, some electronic components are damaged by static electricity, performance is not obviously decreased, but many times accumulated static electricity will cause internal defects of electronic devices and form hidden trouble. Electrostatic damage to electronic devices is a potential danger. From the generation of a component until it is damaged, all processes are affected by static electricity, and the generation of this static electricity is also random, a humidity control dry cabinet is generated.

Secondly, electronic products generally have the characteristics of micro-, a fine river, time-consuming, laborious, and the relatively high requirements of the technology will often need to use some high-precision instruments, such as scanning electron microscope. However, some electrostatic damage phenomenon is difficult to distinguish from other damages caused. Finally, before fully understanding the electrostatic damage, the failure of the component is often regarded as the failure of unknown circumstances or other reasons, thus covering up the true reason for the failure. Therefore, electrostatic damage to components is complex, therefore, for the storage of electronic components, its anti-static function will be very important.

The NetDry dry cabinet adopts USA DuPont ESD epoxy paint, we equip a 1.2-meter length ground wire for extra ESD discharge, the ESD low humidity dry cabinet is specially made for electronics components.