At present, the electronic dry storage cabinet  in the market is divided into three types:

Traditional dry storage cabinet: the working principle is adsorption type. It uses high moisture absorbent materials such as molecular sieve, distributes in the cabinet, first adsorbs the moisture of the material accessories, then uses the diffusion of humidity difference, and then gradually absorbs the moisture in the cabinet. To reduce the humidity in the cabinet.

Second, semiconductor dry storage cabinet: this type of dry cabinet generally use the refrigeration effect, and condensation of moisture in the cabinet to dry, and then uses the diffusion of humidity difference, and then dry the whole cabinet.

Third: Gas supply dry storage cabinet: it is to use the principle of replacing moisture in the cabinet with dry gas/nitrogen, it is mainly filled into the cabinet with dry gas, the dry gas and wet gas specific gravity are different, and the use of special ways to remove wet gas, to achieve dehumidification.


Choose what type of dry storage cabinet, according to their own storage product characteristics.