With the development of society, the temperature and humidity requirements of electronic components for storage environment is becoming higher and higher, and it is easy to make the electronic components damp or oxidized. The environment preserved by electronic components must be dry to prevent moisture in the air from penetrating into the electronic components. Now the main moisture-proof methods used in industry are to use electronic dry storage cabinets, which save energy and electricity and also will not pollute the environment, long service life, an electronic dry storage cabinet can be used for more than 20 years, it is now the mainstream for industrial use.

The temperature and humidity environment is not suitable for the storage of the instrument! The damage caused by moisture, mold, and metal oxidation is occurring at any time, often until the time of notice, the machine has failed to use! This for the follow-up repair, maintenance and so on, not only time-consuming and expensive, more serious impact on work efficiency, humidity result in much harm on industrial products, non-metallic products will mainly have mildew and moisture, metal products will have corrosion. Test paper, pH measuring machine, sample, test drug, powder material, temperature and humidity measuring instrument, electronic measuring instrument, metal material… Such as industrial instruments, should do moisture control on usual days, dry storage cabinets generally use the most advanced molecular sieve for dehumidification, the molecular sieve can be recycled for +15 years, it greatly settles humidity related troubles in the industry storage process.