There are many drying oven suppliers,how to choose a high-quality drying oven that suits you, here Climatest Symor teaches you a few methods?

1. Look at the brand

To choose a large brand, good reputation drying oven.


2. Product quality

Drying oven is protected by a sound protection system with PID self-diagnostic function:
1).Overtemperature alarm
2).Reverse phase protection
3).Rapid fuse
4).Grounding protection system


Take TG-9123A as an example:

Model: TG-9123A
Capacity: 120L


This equipment is suitable for all kinds of products or materials and electrical, instruments, instruments, components, electronics, electrical and automotive, aviation, communications, plastic, machinery, chemical, food, chemicals, hardware tools in a constant temperature environment for drying and various constant temperature adaptability tests.


3 Appearance process

The high quality drying oven adopts the equipment manufacture, the industry craft manufacture flow, the line is smooth, beautiful and generous

4. After-sales service

Good after-sales service is a must,when customers feedback failure,we should make analysis immediately and find the reason,instruct customer to settle it as quickest time,and sending spareparts within 24 hours.

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