The forced convection oven is mechanical equipment commonly used in the laboratory to reduce the moisture of substances by using heat energy. It is used to dry the substances and is common drying equipment in the laboratory. The water in the material overflows by vaporization. The purpose of drying the material is to use or further process the need. Hot air drying oven is used for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units such as drying, baking wax, sterilization.

So how to maintain and use the drying oven?

1. users must read the operation manual and notice carefully

2. use the drying oven, we must pay attention to the conformity of all the power supply voltages. When using, the socket ground wire of the power supply must be grounded according to the regulations of use to ensure the safety of the machine and the user.

3. do not touch the drying oven by hand as an electrical part of the left space or rinse with water with a wet rag wiping machine. When repairing the drying oven, cut off the power cord.

4. samples put into the air circulation oven, pay attention to check, flammable, volatile items can not be put into the drying oven for drying. And the items placed should not be overloaded and too dense. It is necessary to leave space for natural convection of air so that the moist air can accelerate the overflow at the top of the dryer and can not be placed without material for drying.

5. the power cord of the lab oven should not be wound on the metal material, do not imitate the high temperature or wet place, also check the installation position of the heater electric heating wire, confirm the normal use of the electric heating wire.

6. drying oven should regularly check whether the silver contact of the temperature regulator is hairy or uneven. If so, the contact can be sanded with gauze and then used and should be cleaned with a clean cloth regularly to make it in good contact (note that the power supply must be cut off). Do not impact metal pipes of indoor temperature regulators to avoid affecting sensitivity.

7. After connecting to the power supply, set the temperature to the required one, the temperature indicator light is on, the temperature begins to rise, and the blower can be opened at the same time, and the blower is running normally. When the temperature rises to a predetermined temperature, the constant temperature indicator lights up and the temperature controller automatically controls the temperature.