NetDry, professional production of intelligent nitrogen cabinet, nitrogen saving cabinet, stainless steel nitrogen cabinet with patents, welcome to inquire!

An intelligent nitrogen-saving cabinet, using the built-in sensor and microcomputer control system can automatically cut off the output of nitrogen when the humidity in the nitrogen cabinet reaches the set value, which can greatly save the consumption of nitrogen and save the cost. Considering the working environment of nitrogen n2 cabinet, such as a fluorescent lamp or other large equipment, reflow welding, wave soldering will release electromagnetic signal, which may interfere with the solenoid valve built-in nitrogen cabinet and affect the use. NetDry electronic nitrogen n2 cabinet uses SMC nitrogen-saving modules, reliable performance temperature, less affected by the external environment.

NetDry nitrogen n2 cabinet can be divided into different materials, such as cold-rolled plates with baking paint and stainless steel 304. Stainless steel nitrogen cabinet is more clean, suitable for use in a cleanroom, better ensures the safety of the device.