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718F 718F

1%-5%RH Electronic Dry Cabinet TDU718F

Model: TDU718F
Color: black,anti-electrostatic
Humidity Range: 1%-5%RH automatic
Humidity Sensor: U.S. Honeywell
Interior Dimension: W596 * D682 * H1723mm
Exterior Dimension: W598 * D710 * H1910mm
Packing Dimension: W690 * D810 * H2080mm
Shelves: 5pcs
Max. Load /shelf: 80KG
Power supply: 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Average Power: 60W
N.W: 84KG; G.W: 105KG
Remark: white color is non ESD model



1%-5%RH Dry cabinet is especially designed with fully automatic humidity control to prevent moisture related damage on electronic products.This cabinet is the optimal storage expert for humidity sensitive SMT/BGA/PCB/electronic components. NetDry newly-developed design greatly increases dehumidifying system which runs faster and more reliable by comparing with those traditional dry cabinets. it can decrease the defective rate at production line. All NetDry manufactured dry cabinets comply with J-STD-033B standard.

In SMT manufacturing process,moisture is absolutely a killer for PCB/IC, during the heating process, the PCB/IC(e.g.,  PBGA, BGA, or TQFD) is likely to crack and thus cause non-effective welding because of the humidity, these MSD will be damaged by moisture immersion during production line and also inappropriate storage.

Powerful desiccant(free exchange) inside cabinet absorb and exhaust moisture automatically, together with advanced IC timer, memory alloy and heating module, the whole cycle repeat automatically, so the inside humidity lowered, the humidity is controlled by LED controller.

dry unit

This curve shows that under ambient 25 degree C,humidity 50%RH,open door 30 seconds and then closed,the humidity will recover to the setting value within 30 minutes.


  • The whole cabinet adopts 1.2mm galvanized steel with Dupont baking varnish,which is strong corrosion resistant, 3.2mm high intensity toughened glass.reinforced structure,excellent load-bearing and sealing performance.
  • It adopts US import Honeywell humidity sensor; temperature and humidity can be independently displayed,with memory function,no longer to reset humidity after power failure.
  • RoHS certified to prevent pollution on electronics.
  • Zinc alloy lock with perfect air tightness and anti-theft function.
  • Front two PU casters with brakes for easy move and stand.
  • With Black color (ESD models) or White color(non ESD models)



  • TDA refers to 20%-60%RH series,TDB refers to 10%-20%RH series,TDC refers to 1%-10%RH series,TDU refers to 1%-5%RH series,TDU-BD refers to 1%-3%RH series,TDN refers to nitrogen cabinet.
  • Additional ‘F’ after ‘A’ ’B’ ‘C’ ‘U’ ‘N’ refers to ESD model.
ModelCapacityInterior Dimension
Exterior Dimension
Gross Weight (KG)Average Power(W)Max. Loading

.Data Logger
.Signal and buzzer alarm

Relative HumiditySuggested stored items
55%~45%RHTapes,CD,lenses,microscope,photograph,oil paintings,stamps,coins,antiques,leather goods,negative,drawings,album,slides,industrial design,etc
45%~35%RHOptical lenses,precision instruments,camera, lenses,measuring tools,capacitors,batteries,EI,light sources,crystal,PCB,detector,charger,microscopes, endoscopes, electronic appliance, magnetic tape,chemical, tea,coffee,seeds,cigarette etc.
35%~20%RHSamples,filters,precision dies,measurement instruments,pollen,all electronic parts, PCB, wafer,metallic powders, semiconductors, medical supplies etc.
10%~20%RHElectronic components,PCB,crystal,chemical,LED and other complicated electronic components,etc.
10%-1%RHIC,BGA,copper,silver,and materials very sensitive to humidity,etc

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