Project Description

Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test Chamber TGDS-22

Model: TGDS-22
Color: off white/blue
Temperature Range: Model A :-20°C~+130°C Model B: -40°C~+130°C
Humidity Range: 30% ~ 95% R.H
Heating Rate: +25℃~+130℃≤50 minutes(unload)
Cooling Rate: +25℃~-40℃≤45 minutes(unload)
Interior Dimension(W*D*H): 300×250×300mm
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H): 700×440×700mm
Power supply: 220V 50/60HZ



Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test Chamber aims to test new materials/products performance under high low temperature alternating climate condition,the purpose is develop and manufacture qualified products, benchtop temperature chamber is especially designed for laboratories with narrow space.

Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test Chamber capacity is from 22L-50L,Temperature range: -40°C to +130°C,humidity range: 30% to 95% RH.


  • Working chamber made by anti-corrosion SUS#304 stainless steel
  • Programmable LCD touch screen controller
  • Original imported France “Tecumseh” compressor
  • Uniform air circulation inside working chamber by low noise blower
  • Reinforced silicone rubber door sealing,which avoids aging and hardening under extreme climate condition.
  • 25mm diameter cable port locates at left side of chamber
  • Transparent viewing window made by reinforced tempered glass



Model TGDS-22TGDS-50
Interior Dimension(W*D*H)mm300×250×300350×350×420
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)mm700×440×700500×800×800
Temperature RangeModel A :-20°C~+150°C    Model B: -40°C~+150°C
Temperature Fluctuation≤±0.5°C
Temperature Bias≤1.0°C
Temperature  Uniformity≤1.5°C
Humidity Range30% ~ 95% R.H
Humidity Bias+3 -2%RH
Humidity Uniformity2%RH
Heating Rate+25℃~-40℃≤45 minutes(overload)
Cooling Rate+25℃~+130℃≤50 minutes(overload)
MaterialInterior: Anti-corrosion SUS#304 mirror stainless steel Exteriorl: Reinforced steel plate with electrostatic spraying
InsulationSuperfine fiberglass wool / polyurethane foam
ControlLCD Programmable touch screen controller
Circulation SystemLow-noise motor, single cycle, long axis and stainless steel centrifuge fan
Humidification ModeShallow slot humidification, electric heating, steam humidification
Dehumidification ModeRefrigeration dehumidification
Refrigeration SystemFrance “TECUMSEH” Hermetic Refrigeration Compressors,R404A/R23 Refrigerant
Heating SystemNiCr alloy heater, independent system
Protection DevicesLeakage and outage protection, compressor over-pressure, overheat, over-current protection, overload fusing protection, audio signal alarm, water shortage alarm
Standard ConfigurationOne observe window(Resistant to high low temperature with toughened glass window), a fluorescent lamp, two shelves
Power SupplyAC220V·50HZ/60HZ

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