The requirements of drying oven in the food industry is not high, interior working area us made by stainless steel. An important development trend in food processing technology is how to keep nutrients and color and fragrance in the drying process, but the use of different drying techniques has a great impact on the drying process of food. Usually, drying oven is used as drying equipment to ensure the loss of nutrients and color and fragrance to MIN limit.

The drying oven is widely used in various products or materials and electrical, instrumentation, components, electronics, electrical and automotive, aviation, communications, plastic, machinery, chemical, food, hardware tools in constant temperature conditions for drying and various constant temperature adaptability tests.

Customer real technical requirements:

Consumption: 1200W

Actual use temperature: RT+10-220 Degree C

Resolution: 0.1 Degree C

Fluctuation: 0.5 Degree C

Uniformity: 2%

Shelves: 2PCS

Dimension: 400*300*450MM

Power supply : 220V 50HZ

We suggest our TG-9070A benchtop drying oven to this customer.