Clean oven is also called dustless oven, clean industrial oven, is a special clean and dust-free drying equipment to provide high temperature purification environment.

The dust-free oven can be divided into class 1000 clean oven ,class 100 clean oven, class 10000 clean oven,touch screen programmable dust-free oven, LED clean oven, PCB boards clean oven, ITO glass clean oven, etc.

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I,clean oven application: class 100, suitable for precision electronics, solar energy, new materials, touch screen and other industries.

II. Clean oven system

1. adopt high temperature resistant long shaft motor and strong multi-wing wind blade, strong suction mechanism can distribute temperature evenly, reduce noise and save energy.

2. power supply V/380V,(50/60)Hz.220

3. temperature range: RT 20~200℃, temperature fluctuation + /-1℃, temperature uniformity (unload) +/-3%(200℃), heating time 50℃~200℃ in 40 minutes

4. material: interior oven is made by # SUS mirror stainless steel 304 plate, seamless welding in the chamber to protect the workpiece from contamination, exterior oven is made by # SS41 steel plate powder baking paint (or # SUS wire drawing stainless steel plate), Glass fiber cotton insulation.

5. heater: dust-free electric heater.

6. safety device: overtemperature protection device, motor overheating current protection, short circuit overcurrent protection, underphase protection.

7. temperature control input: CAK type, SSR (SCR) contact mode output, Precision, Automatic PID control, LED digital display.

8. cleanliness grade: class 100.

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