Search this question on google, there will also be different answers, some netizens said will explode, some said no, there are a lot of different opinions, NetDry help you to make following analysis, hope to help you.

First of all, we have to determine the burning point of the gas, if the dry temperature does not even reach the burning point, how can it explode? The concentration of 100% ethanol burning point is 75 degrees Celsius, and the lower the mixing concentration with water, the lower the burning point. Free ethanol, which is usually volatilized during drying, can be seen as a 100 percent concentration, so its burning point is 75 degrees Celsius. We just set the temperature of the vacuum drying oven to 75 degrees Celsius and there will be no explosion.

The conditions of explosion must have objective conditions, air is the objective condition factor, to be exact, oxygen, the air in the vacuum drying oven is thin, as long as the vacuum is pumped to a certain extent, the air inside is not enough to react with ethanol chemically, there is no need to worry that it will explode.

So some people say that I want to set the temperature over 75 degrees Celsius, try not to do so, first of all, the effect is not obvious, may also add uncertain objective factors. In theory, it can be experimented, but the operation does not guarantee the possibility of error in the operation of the employee. Some netizens said that ethanol can be volatilized almost, and then increase the temperature, such a method can still try.

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