In the past, we received inquiries from customers to consult the 500 degree C high temperature drying oven, our sales staff will confirm with customers: if the commonly used temperature is around 480 degree C,they can use drying oven, and if the common used temp. is over 500 degrees or more,then it is not drying oven, it is actually a muffle furnace, also called high temperature furnace, the following is drying oven parameters for your reference:

500 Degree C500 Degree C high temperature drying oven drying  is a high performance product stabilized by our technical group after many years of research. It is a high temperature oven with excellent temperature uniformity and stability,our technique is leading one in China. This equipment is suitable for all kinds of products or materials and electrical, instrumentation, components, electronics, electrical and automotive, aviation, communications, plastics, machinery, chemical, food, hardware tools in constant temperature environment conditions for drying and various constant temperature adaptability tests.

Technical parameters :

Model: TBPW-9050

Control: Digital Microcomputer Control

Supply voltage: AC 380V±10/50 HzAC 380V±2 per cent

Temperature range :100℃-500℃

Temperature resolution :1℃

Temperature fluctuation :≤±2.0℃

Temperature uniformity :≤±2%

Input power: 4500W

Studio size (mm):350(width)*350(depth)*400(height)

Dimensions (mm):590(width)*550(depth)*800(height)

Carrier bracket :2 pieces

Timing range :0-9999 minutes



1) this equipment consists of chamber body, heating system, electrical control system, air supply system, protection system and so on.

2) oven is with advanced manufacturing process, smooth lines, beautiful and generous.

3) interior material is high temperature resistant stainless steel SUS304 material, exterior material is high quality cold rolled steel plate, product shell is made of metal paint spray, the overall design is beautiful and generous, suitable for laboratory color collocation.

4) the shelf in the interior oven can adjust the height and the number of shelves as required by the user.

5)The insulation material between the interior and the exterior is high quality silicone aluminate high temperature cotton, insulation layer thickness :>100 mm, good insulation effect, domestic, high performance insulation structure. There are inner cavity, inner shell, ultrafine glass fiber, aluminum reflective aluminum foil, air interlayer from inside to outside, and the heat loss of inner tank is less. The structure of inner tank and outer box and door tank is unique, which greatly reduces the external heat transfer of inner cavity.

6)High performance sealing material and unique rubber sealing structure are used between door and door frame.

7) air duct in the oven is composed of double circulation system, stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal wind turbine and circulating air duct. The heat of the electric heater placed on the back of the box is discharged forward through the side air duct, and then inhaled by the centrifugal wind turbine in the back. The capacity of air flow heating is improved, and the temperature uniformity of high temperature box is greatly improved.

8) heater with stainless steel electric heating pipe, fast heating, long life.


Temperature Control System :

Adopt Japanese original imported “Fuji” temperature controller, the product adopts PID new fuzzy logic processing controller, quickly reach the set value and run more accurately and stably. Double screen high brightness wide window digital display, clear and intuitive. Overtemperature alarm and automatically cut off the heating power supply. It can simplify the complex test process and realize automatic control and operation.

Electrical control system:

1) electrical control components adopt the original imported brand “OMRON “.

2) electrical circuit design novel, reasonable wiring, safe and reliable.

3)The top of the oven is an electrical control cabinet, which is convenient for centralized inspection and maintenance.


Security Protection System :

1) overtemperature alarm

2)short phase protection

3) overcurrent protection

4) Fast Fuses

5) Ground Protection