Why does the high and low temperature test chamber frost? The equipment may frost in the testing stage, it will certainly have an impact on the test, so the equipment has the function of defrosting in the test, what are the specific factors that causes frosting?

The high and low temperature test chamber is mainly converted by the air flow of the chamber to exchange heat, and the air in the chamber is isolated and closed from the air outside.

Because the door is closed, the moisture in the chambber is quantitative. From a theoretical point of view, it is impossible to add some moisture out of thin air to form a frost. So where did these excess moisture come from? When the user open the door during  testing, the air inside is exchanged with the outside air, and then the moisture in the air enters into the chamber, so we can‘t open the door when we use the equipment to test the product. Otherwise, it will not only increase frost, but also cause uncertainty of test data.

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The high and low temperature test chamber mainly tests the performance indexes of the parts and materials of the related products such as electronic electrician, aerospace, ship weapon, scientific research unit and so on under the condition of high temperature and low temperature environment.