The moisture-proof dry cabinet is to use all kinds of dehumidification technology to effectively reduce the humidity in the cabinet, so as to achieve the purpose of moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-micro moisture absorption and so on. What should you pay attention to when you go to buy a moisture-proof dry cabinet?

1. dehumidification materials are now on the market moisture-proof dry cabinet are basically using physical moisture absorption, such as moisture absorption card, plastic drying box and so on. These materials are basically consumables, need to be replaced after a period of time; bring great inconvenience to users. The NetDry moisture-proof dry cabinet adopts polymer material to absorb moisture, and the dehumidification method of “shape memory alloy” system is used. The humidity setting range are <3%, <5%,1-60%,20-60% RH, dehumidification at ambient temperature.


2. dehumidifier cover

The selection of dehumidifier cover is also a problem that must be paid attention to when purchasing moisture-proof dry cabinet. General manufacturers will choose ABS materials, not resistant to high temperature, easy to melt. At present, there are many examples on the network because of the instability of domestic voltage, resulting in the melting of the main engine of the moisture-proof dry cabinet and the damage to the collection.NetDry moisture-proof cabinet dehumidifier cover design: polymer physical structure, shell using PPS fire-proof material, power failure within 24 hours, automatically attached to chemical moisture absorption function, save power.


3. the stability of humidity

There is no doubt that the better the stability, the better the quality of the product. Usually the requirement for low humidity is higher.


4. the dehumidification effect

The more uniform the humidity of the moisture-proof  cabinet, the better the dehumidification effect for the stored items, which means the safest and most reliable. Therefore, this has a high requirement for the internal air circulation system of the moisture-proof cabinet. NetDry moisture-proof cabinet uses polymer physical core to control the advantages of humidity: strong dehumidification, no consumables, silent operation, dehumidification faster and more stable. A new generation of 360 DRY stereo mainframe. Three-dimensional moisture-proof dehumidification rate of 360° is 4 times faster than the traditional one-minute door closing 15 minutes humidity drop to 10 RH.


5. Temperature and Humidity Uniformity

The NetDry moisture-proof cabinet adopts the world’s leading digital sensing technology, with 360 DRY  dynamic dehumidification technology, the humidity uniformity is 100% higher than the traditional one


6. Temperature and Humidity Stability

NetDry moisture-proof box patent 360 DRY CONTROL moisture control technology to avoid large fluctuation of humidity, humidity stability is 80% higher than the traditional


7.ESD Anti-static

The NetDry moisture-proof cabinet avoids the traditional moisture-proof box passive anti-static, adopts the ESD active anti-static, neutralizes eliminates the product static electricity, fundamentally eliminates the static electricity, conforms to the ESD standard


8. Temperature and Humidity Remote Control

Temperature and humidity central monitoring system, all temperature and humidity equipment with a simple network line, to help you achieve the most complex temperature and humidity equipment monitoring