Application: Suitable for testing the adaptability of instrument materials, electrician, electronic products, household appliances, auto-friction accessories, chemical coatings, aerospace products and other related products in high and low temperature environment. The experimental equipment is mainly suitable for the reliability experiment of constant temperature alternating of industrial products, and carries on the environmental simulation test to the physical and other related characteristics of the product to judge whether the performance of the product can still meet the predetermined requirements, so as to facilitate the design, improvement, appraisal and factory inspection of the product.

benchtop temperature test chamber v1

The equipment is mainly composed of body, heating system, refrigeration system, air circulation system and control system.
The benchtop design is perfect, the CNC machine is used to process and form, and the non-reaction handle is used, and the operation is easy.
The door seal adopts refined silicone rubber, so there is no aging and hardening at high and low temperature.
The working chamber is sus#304 stainless steel plate, the shell is A3 plate spray treatment, more bright and beautiful.
The insulation system is filled with superfine glass fiber to ensure the temperature insulation inside.
Independent heating and cooling system makes the equipment more effective heating and cooling, refrigeration system for automatic control and safety protection coordination system.
Using multi-wing strong air circulation to avoid any dead angle, the temperature distribution in the test area can be uniform.
Air circulation air return design, wind pressure and wind speed are in line with the test standards, and can open the door instant temperature return time fast.

The technical parameters were measured under no-load condition ≤25℃ of ambient temperature.
1, above is the standard type benchtop temperature chamber,Climatest can manufacture customized non-standard type.according to the customer specific request.
2. Non-standard “high and low temperature test box” can be customized according to the collective requirements of users

Benchtop temperature test chamber is with small capacity ranges from 11L to 36L,our floor-standing temperature test chamber provides 50L-1000L capacity,customer can choose freely as per demands,for setails,pls visit our website: