Industrial oven suits many kinds of products or materials and electrical, instrumentation, components, electronics, electrical and automotive, aviation, communication plastics, machinery, food, chemical, chemical, hardware tools in constant temperature environment for drying and a variety of constant temperature adaptability test.

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The heating system of industrial oven consists of thermostat, heating switch, temperature sensor, heating tube, electronic components of control circuit. Once the oven does not heat phenomenon, we can start from the following analysis, find out the cause of failure, quickly solve the problem:

1.Check whether the heating switch of the machine is on and whether the heating indicator light is on.

2.Check the thermostat status and setting.

2.1Whether the thermostat SV set correctly or not, the thermostat will be heated only when SV>PV.

2.2 Whether the heating output signal of the thermostat is indicated.

2.3 Check that the temperature controller‘s overtemperature alarm indication is abnormal and the set value and parameter value are normal.

2.4 If the thermostat is a programmed thermostat, check that the thermostat is open and running.

2.5 Some of the more powerful thermostats have complex functions, such as standby, holding, and when these states occur, the oven may not be heated.

3, check whether the temperature sensor is abnormal.

3.1 The sensor probe slips or touches, causing the normal working area temperature to not be sensed.

3.2 Sensor failure. the actual temperature is inconsistent with the display temperature.

4. Whether the electrical part is working properly.

4.1 The circuit partial heating system corresponds to whether the circuit breaker is off.

4.2 Whether the AC contactor that controls heating is normally sucked in during heating.

4.3 Whether the indicator lights up and the circuit is switched on when the relay controls the AC contactor is heated.

4.4 Check whether the solid-state relay indicator light is on, not on means not heating, if 1,2 are normal, the meter is normal, indicating that the solid state has problems.

4.5 Check that the heating tube is broken. use an ammeter to measure the heating tube current to determine whether the heating tube is heating, or turn off the external power supply of the oven, disconnect the heating tube circuit, and measure the heating tube resistance to detect whether the heating tube is faulty.

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