Effects of Moisture on Drugs

In the storage process of drugs, the temperature and humidity in the drug environment is particularly important for the quality of drugs. for western medicine, the high temperature in storage will make the protein denaturation in seedling serum, enzyme preparation, biological preparation and so on, thus reducing their efficacy. And the temperature will also make some sugar coated tablets, glue pills deformation adhesion. And the moisture will malke western medicine easy to appear discoloration, caking, deformation, rupture and other phenomena. Western medicine suffered by dampness will lead to drug efficacy and microbial breeding. For Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine also has a certain storage requirement for temperature. Too high or too low temperature will lead to changes in the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. At temperatures above 35℃, fat-rich plants are prone to flooding. If the Chinese medicine is not properly stored, the packaging is not good, it is easy to absorb water and damp, the water content will increase, and the medicine will be prone to mildew and deterioration. Therefore, it is very important to control and monitor the temperature and humidity of medicine storage environment.

At present,China has certain restrictions on drug storage environment. According to Article 18 of the Rules of the State Food and Drug Administration for the , the wholesale and retail chain trading units of drugs shall, in accordance with the storage requirements of the drugs sold, set up warehouses with different conditions of temperature and humidity. The cold storage temperature should be 2-10℃, the cool storage temperature should not exceed 20℃, and the normal temperature storage temperature should be 0-30℃. Storehouse humidity of each temperature should be kept in the range of 45-75%. Since every time the medicine is opened, it will change the temperature and humidity in the storehouse, so it is the best to store some medicine which always need to be stored in the suitable temperature and humidity environment in the storage cabinet of constant temperature and humidity medicine. This medicine storage cabinet can control the temperature and humidity, the temperature control range is:15-30℃, the humidity control range is: 30-60% RH, the storage of the medicine is completely satisfied.

Effects of Moisture on Medical Devices
As we all know, surgical instruments play a vital role in the surgical process, and once device product has a little problem, it is possible to cause the product itself passivation, thus affecting the smooth operation, so the existence of medical drying, the existence of medical drying cabinets is very important for surgical instruments, the drying cabinets can also be used for glassware and respiratory treatmen

Medical device solutions
All medical devices s/b stored in a drying cabinet, the so-called medical drying cabinet, as the name implies, of course, is specially used for drying equipment, common sense, a lot of things from cleaning to drying takes a certain time, in this period of time such items can not be used, for ordinary people may not be much so-called, but for hospitals that need to use a large number of devices, there is an urgent need for some devices to dry.

Medical drying cabinet is a high frequency equipment used in hospital departments. Its use greatly improves the drying efficiency of the equipment, accelerates the operation of the medical equipment in the hospital, replaces the traditional drying method, and meets the need of rapid drying for a large number of manual cleaning instruments.

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