Humidity damage to solar appliances:

▪ Silicon tetrachloride in the solar industry is a kind of high corrosive toxic liquid breaks down into silicic acid and highly toxic gas hydrogen chloride when it encounters moist air. It irritates the human eye, skin and respiratory tract.

▪ Solar PV modules must be kept their conntecting plugs dry and clean to ensure they are in good working condition.

▪Solar cells: now, the diffusion process commonly used in solar cells is phosphorus oxychloride liquid source diffusion, phosphorus oxychloride smoke in humid air, very easy to volatilize, easy to hydrolyze. And easily moldy, resulting in waste of resources.


▪Solar cells exposed to high temperature and high humidity will result in a reduction in the output power of solar panels, to minimize the reduction in power generation, the panel must be quickly replaced. Therefore, storage is mainly to prevent moisture, avoid mildew, in order to achieve more accurate storage conditions (humidity, temperature), but also need to use special moisture cabinet.

Moisture-proof cabinets play an increasingly important role in the solar photovoltaic industry. On the one hand, the requirements for humidity are higher and higher, on the other hand, in some materials and other requirements for anti-mildew is also higher and higher.