With the rapid development and progress of science and technology, it requires more and more high quality of electronic products. Whether it is due to customer requirements or factory requirements for their own improvement, production links to quality control is becoming more and more strict, but the humidity is too high easy to produce productive problems, causes the product efficiency to decline, the quality bad and so on phenomenon, the economic loss is serious, must cause the factory enterprise manager’s high attention. So, at this time will use the NetDry electronic dry cabinet, automatic nitrogen cabinet!

The factory workshop is a main place for the production and processing of various electronic products. The storage of electronic components in a dry storage cabinet can provide a scientific and reasonable humidity environment for the production and storage of products, thus ensuring the safety of production and storage of products. To this end, many factories and enterprises will buy a certain number of  NetDry moisture control cabinet. Nitrogen cabinet is used for anti-oxidization and moisture proof purpose, it is an essential helper!

Advantages of NetDry low humidity cabinet:

1. display screen adopts LCD display, pull-type design, easy to check and maintain.

2. display screen shows the working state of dry module.

3. safe voltage, dry module and control panel are designed with low voltage to prevent electric shock risk.

4. modular design, if a component failure, can quickly replaced by new components.

5. high efficiency dehumidification, high display accuracy, moisture absorption polymer materials and humidity sensors all adopt famous brands.