Many customers purchase drying cabinets, according to the storage of different products and doors open frequency, salesman will recommend anti-oxidation nitrogen cabinet, so what is the difference between electronic drying cabinet and anti-nitrogen gas cabinet?

The anti-oxidation nitrogen cabinet also known as the N2 cabinet, mainly uses the intelligent nitrogen filling device to purge  into the nitrogen gas, which can not only achieve moisture-proof and low humidity, but also achieve the anti-oxidation effect. The nitrogen cabinet suits oxygen sensitive materials and devices. The principle of electronic drying cabinet is physical moisture absorption, mainly using physical adsorption molecular sieve, through a specific way to drain water out of the cabinet, always cycle work, so that the humidity in the cabinet decrease to low humidity environment, physical moisture absorption is simple to use. Direct plug-in, no consumables, low power, no noise, suitable for most occasions.

The difference between the two is mainly in function and performance, physical moisture absorption can be stored according to the requirements of storage humidity, medium humidity, low humidity, ultra-low humidity can reach a better state, the advantage is that there are no consumables, electricity is available. Nitrogen cabinet needs to be combined with nitrogen, has the ability of rapid dehumidification, can quickly reduce humidity below 5%, open door recovery only 5-10 minutes, suitable for frequent open-door use, nitrogen cabinet mainly use humidity settings to control air intake, It can improve the cleanliness of the cabinet and prevent oxidation.

The above can understand the advantages and disadvantages of dry storage cabinet and nitorgen cabinet, you need to select correct one as per their different performance, as long as it can reach the storage purpose is the most appropriate one.