Circulating principle of hot air circulation oven

The hot air circulation oven adopts an air circulation system,the motor drives the air wheel through the heater to make the air source circulate continuously, and sends the hot air out and reaches the oven room through the air duct. This is the core of all steps.

What are the specific operation steps of the circulation principle of the forced convection oven?

First, the heat transfer principle of the net belt dryer is used to make the heat transfer between the boxes in the hot air circulation oven can be efficiently transmitted.

Second, the oven has the remaining heat in the process of heating. When the remaining heat reaches a certain value, it will break through the main oven and transfer it to other auxiliary ovens, so that other motor ovens can also be heated and operated.

Third, when the main oven is gradually reduced from the initial high temperature to a constant value, the heat of the oven will be absorbed by other ovens, so that the temperature of all ovens can reach a constant value. In order to achieve the effect of hot air circulation, this is also the value of drying oven.

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