What if the electronic components get damp? IC chip LED chip moisture-proof anti-oxidation solution

Now many electronic manufacturers, have high requirements for electronic products, we all know that electronic products are afraid of moisture, electronic products will be damaged once getting damp, to protect electronic products from being damp, need to take decisive preventive measures, Why is electronic moisture-proof cabinets important to factories? That is, electronic products get damaged by moisture. NetDry electronic dry cabinets can solve this problem very well.

The moisture of the surrounding environment enters the interior of the IC device through the interface of the packaging material and components, causing oxidation corrosion and short circuit of the internal circuit, and the high temperature during the welding process will cause the wet gas entering the IC to heat and expand to produce pressure. What is more important is that the invisible, potential defects will melt into the product, making the reliability of the product problematic. IC other electronic components, most of them also have the problem of humidity attack.

In the electronics industry, many electronics manufacturers require electronic components to be stored in dry conditions. Especially the chip manufacturers are very strict about moisture control, if the moisture control is not good, the chip will be damaged, other electronic components such as capacitors, capacitors capacity will be reduced after moisture, integrated circuits and other moisture prone to internal failures; Wet also oxidizes pins and connectors of computer CPU and card fingers and electronic equipment, resulting in poor contact or poor weldability, crystal oxidation, etc. The storage of electronic devices in the environment of 40% relative humidity can prevent the electronic products from getting damp, and the use of dry cabinets for electronic components can ensure the safety of the products.


Many electronic products do not do a good job of moisture-proof work, so it will lead to the later use of electronic products easy to burn and shorten the service life. The harm of humidity to electronic components has become a very serious matter. With the increase of the use of damp sensitive components, such as thin spacing components and ball grid arrays, the more serious the problem is, the more serious the quality control of electronic products is.

With 20 years IC chip LED chip moisture control cabinet manufacturer, NetDry is dedicated to provide professional moisture-proof solutions to electronic and semiconductor industry.


NetDry this brand, In the whole moisture control industry has been a household name. NetDry IC chip LED chip SMT Dry Cabinet using 1.2 mm Baosteel material structure, 180 kg load, Cabinet body permanent anti-static. The moisture-proof mainframe uses a new generation of humidity control mainframe, The dehumidification rate is four times faster than traditional, Open the door 30 seconds,then close the door, Humidity drops below 10% RH within 15 minutes.

You can find SMT semiconductor, LED chip, solar photovoltaic, precision optical instruments, medical industry and NetDry cooperation customer case worldwide, fear the user of every penny, has been our production control code of conduct, quality is our character, on behalf of our dignity, We would rather explain the price for a while than apologize for quality for a lifetime! This is NetDry commitment to —— an NetDry Wafer Storage Dry Cabinets.

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