Frequently asked question, The application of HMDS preprocessing system in the market is so good,so what are the advantages? Here are five advantages of HMDS preprocessing system.

(1) The pretreatment performance is better, HMDS treatment is processed after several nitrogen replacement, so there will be no dust interference, moreover, because this system enable the de-water baking and HMDS treatment in the same process, also the same working room, the wafer in the working room will go through 100℃-200℃ of de-water baking, and then do HMDS treatment, do not need to be out of the working room, contact with the atmosphere, which reduces the wafer to absorb water molecules, so it has a better treatment effect.

(2) More uniform treatment. Because it is coated on the wafer surface in the form of steam,much more uniform than liquid coating.

(3) High efficiency. Liquid coating is a monolithic operation, and the system can handle 4 boxes of wafers at a time.

(4) More liquid savings. Practice has proved that the liquid solution used for coating a single chip w Add Mediaith liquid HMDS is more than that used for treating 4 boxes of wafers with this system.

(5) To be more environmentally friendly and safe, HMDS are toxic chemicals, which can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, irritation of the chest and respiratory tract after inhalation. Since the whole process is carried out in a closed environment, no one will be exposed to the liquid and its steam, which is safer. Its exhaust gas is pumped directly by a mechanical pump to the exhaust gas processor, so it will not pollute the environment.