According to foreign media reports on June 17th, considering the unstable supply chain,Huawei has told some suppliers to delay production of the company’s latest flagship smartphone,Huawei has reportedly asked to suspend production of some parts for the latest Mate series of phones and cut spare parts orders in the coming quarters. Meanwhile, the company is continuously assessing the impact of export restrictions on the smartphone business.

Recently ,Huawei is reassessing his supply capacity and existing inventory of components such as mobile processors, communication chips and ai acceleration chips, and is actively looking for alternative suppliers, in an attempt to strike a balance between smartphone production and expected demand next year. Two supply chain people familiar with Huawei smartphone production plan said Huawei had postponed Mate series of production plans. “We believe that the production plan for the Mate series will be delayed by at least one to two months ,” one said. Furthermore, the man added that Huawei was still trying to solve the supply chain problem. One executive from a Huawei supplier said his company had planned to start producing parts for Mate phones and glory phones this month, but the company had informed them not to start work for the time being and waited for further notice.