In the high temperature and high humidity environment, it is not conducive to the storage of parts and military units, and the damage caused by moisture, mold and metal oxidation is occurring at any time, and often wait until the time of discovery, the machines may have failure, which is not only time-consuming and expensive for subsequent repair and maintenance, but also seriously affects the working efficiency and product quality. (The harm of damp to military products: non-metallic products will mainly occur mildew and moisture, metal products will have corrosion and other corrosion phenomenon), today let‘s know more about the damages to military equipment caused by dampness.

Effects of Moisture on “Military Products”

At present, the military ammunition depot is mainly ground storage, after entering the summer, the storage environment will be greatly changed, high temperature and high humidity environment is not conducive to the safe storage of ammunition. Can cause the following hazards:

1.Metal is the element that forms the components of the munition

The effect of humidity on them is mainly to promote its rust. The greater the humidity in the warehouse, the more serious the electrochemical rust. The corrosion of ammunition will not only shorten its storage life, when the corrosion is heavy, the shell shell will cause the difficulty of retarding the shell during the shooting; the warhead will affect the shooting accuracy; the fuze parts will affect the normal operation of the fuze, resulting in inaccurate effect, and even promote the insurance to lead to serious accidents.

2.Effect of humidity on Gunpowder

When the humidity is too high, it will absorb moisture and increase the moisture content of gunpowder. It will appear that it is not easy to ignite, the burning rate drops and the combustion in the chamber is not complete. At the same time, it will accelerate the hydrolysis, accelerate the deterioration, and greatly shorten the storage life. When the humidity is too small, the moisture in the gunpowder will be reduced by evaporation, and the burning speed of the gunpowder will be accelerated, and the chamber pressure and initial speed of the firing will rise, which will affect the shooting accuracy and easily produce far bombs.

In addition to mainly metal and gunpowder, ammunition contains wood, paper, cloth, plastic parts, protective coatings and sealed mannequins, which are affected by humidity and also deteriorate, directly or indirectly altering the properties of the ammunition, affecting its use and long-term storage.

3.Effects of Moisture on “Laboratory Products”

Test paper, PH measuring machine, sample, test drug, powder material, temperature and humidity measuring instrument, electronic measuring instrument, metal material… and other instruments, the relative person should do a good job of moisture-proof, dust-proof measures. In particular, some long-term instruments (such as water quality tester, ion tester, electronic titrator, etc.), because the temperature after the start-up can allow the humidity attached to the surface of the parts to evaporate, and these infrequent operating instruments, moisture can easily damage the internal parts of the instrument to produce mildew, oxidation, rust, poor signal transmission and other failure or damage. In addition, the adhesion of dust will also affect the heat dissipation of the equipment, let it run too high temperature and cause the danger of short circuit, so the equipment need to be stored in a wet, warm, low dust environment, and have a stable and correct supply of power, so that even if it is not turned on. Thus, the dry environment in which the components and instruments of the Institute of Military Industrialization Units are located is an essential external condition.

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