The Institute of Military Dept. has higher standards for the storage of moisture-proof and anti-oxidation items than other industries, so choosing a nitrogen cabinet(N2 cabinet) to store items can achieve the most effective moisture-proof and anti-oxidation treatment, so that electronic components, precision electronic instruments, chemicals, military observation optical equipment and so on can be maintained in a relatively dry space for many years, which can effectively solve their oxidation problems.

NetDry dry cabinet reach fast dehumidification rate,and more accurate humidity control:

▷ control technology: adopt the most accurate temperature and humidity sensor in the world, digital frequency output port, universal, easy to replace, high precision, less annual drift, strong anti-interference ability, humidity display error within  ±2% RH.

▷ humidity control module: using the shape memory alloy system dehumidification method, open the door for 1 minute and then close the door ,15 minutes humidity down to 10% RH below. cabinet body using BPT flame retardant material, moisture resistance up to 300 degrees above, to avoid the instant excessive current lead to the danger of core melting. The imported polymer material for moisture absorption can be regenerated repeatedly and recycled. The machine core has the advantages of fast dehumidification speed, super mute, small power and no consumables.

▷ temperature and humidity LED display:
1.1 newly developed LED controller with calibration function , and the required humidity is set by the surface key of the controller, which is easy to operate.
1.2 the display panel also has the calibration function, which can be calibrated. Temperature range 1-99 degrees, humidity range 1-99% RH.
1.3 over-humidity alarm setting,you can set upper limit and lower limit,the system will automatically alarm once humidity exceeds the setting value.

▷ cabinet material: using 1.2 mm cold-rolled sheet laser cutting processing, to ensure cabinet sealing.

▷ power off protection: after power off, the system uses the function of “chemical moisture absorption and repair” to carry out moisture absorption, to ensure that the humidity in the box appreciation is less than 10% within 24 hours after power off RH, at the same time, the humidity does not need to be reset after calling, the system has memory function.