In the top six global semiconductor revenue, Asia-Pacific countries and regions accounted for four seats. It can be seen that the development of semiconductor industry in the Asia-Pacific region has an important impact on the development of semiconductor industry in the world.

Four leading countries in the global semiconductor industry are Chinese mainland, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The advantages of Korean semiconductor industry mainly lie in the huge industry scale, the large number of enterprises, the relatively complete semiconductor industry chain and the formation of semiconductor industry cluster effect.

Japan’s advantages in the semiconductor industry are mainly focused on raw materials, equipment, and active and passive devices, represented by Sony Semiconductor. And Taiwan’s advantage lies in the long history of semiconductor development, a more mature and wide and deep semiconductor industry cluster. As for the Chinese mainland, the advantage lies in the region, abundant resources and certain talent advantage, which makes the semiconductor industry in Chinese mainland region realize the scale of technology quickly once it is mature, which is the place where the other three countries are difficult to match.

Of course, the four major semiconductor giants in Asia and the Pacific have their own reasons and history, but in a word, most of them can not be separated from government support, huge market volume, increasing R & D investment and so on. This is what the Chinese government and semiconductor companies have always insisted on doing, so China’s semiconductor industry will certainly develop better and better