What are the methods for semiconductor packaging?


Also known as SOP, is bilateral pin small shape packaging,there are also some semiconductor packaging manufacturers named for this.


Bilateral pin load package, belong to the small category under load package. Based on its ultra-thin shape, it is often used for LCD drive LSI, and is mostly customized products.

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Reverse welding chip. A bare chip packaging technology in which metal bumps made in the LSI chip electrode area are pressed and welded to the electrode area on the printed substrate. As the name CHIP, thin, this packaging technology is the smallest and thinnest of all packaging technologies. However, its reliability is easily affected by the thermal expansion coefficient of the substrate and the suitability of the LSI. As a result, the thermal expansion coefficient compatibility of LSI chip and substrate material is required.


A flat package of four-side pins with a protective ring, one of the plastic QFP, is named because the pins are masked with a resin protective ring to prevent bending.