Each product has its service life, the service life depends on its own quality,ambient condition, as well as daily maintenance, then we should know how to do usual maintenance correctly, in order to extend its service life.


1. the drying oven consumes a large amount of current, the power cord, knife switch, fuse, plug, socket and so on must have sufficient capacity. For safety, the exterior case should be connected to the ground wire.


2. the specimen put into the oven should not be too much, too crowded. If the dry items are wet, the exhaust hole should be opened. When heated, the blower can be started so that the steam can accelerate the discharge from the oven. But do not let the blower run continuously for a long time, pay attention to proper rest.


3. do not place items onto the heating panel at the bottom of inside oven, to avoid baking or burning.


4. when dry and hot sterilization of glassware, the temperature in the oven must be reduced before open the door so as not to burst the glass suddenly.


5. it is strictly forbidden to put flammable, explosive and volatile items into the box to avoid accidents.


6. need to observe the items in the constant temperature room, open the outer door and observe through the inner glass door. the door open frequency should not be too many, which affects the constant temperature.


7. starting or using for a period of time, the error between the measured temperature and the actual temperature in the studio must be checked, that is, the precision of temperature control.


8. drying oven housing must be well and effectively grounded to ensure safety.


9. when the drying oven studio temperature is close to the set temperature, the heating indicator lights suddenly turn dark, repeated many times, is a normal phenomenon. In general, about 15 minutes after the temperature reaches the control temperature, the working room temperature enters the constant temperature state.


10. When the newly set temperature is below 100℃, the phenomenon of “overshoot” can be eliminated by secondary heating.


When the drying oven is working, the fan switch must be turned on to make it run, otherwise the temperature and measurement temperature error in the oven is very large, and the motor or sensor will burn out.



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