Industrial drying oven: it is composed of stainless steel and cold roller steel plactes, in addition, the oven body is strengthened, the exterior surface is repainted, and the insulation materiall between enclosure and studio is superfind glass fiber.

The industrial oven is widely used and can dry all kinds of industrial materials. How to make the efficient electric heating system of industrial oven more energy saving? The following small editor to give you a brief introduction.


The industrial oven is heated by electric heater. The heating wire usually exposed to air is easy to oxidize because of high temperature and long-term heating, which affects the lifespan. The heater usually uses coil electric heating pipe, that is, the heating wire is located inside the heating pipe. The temperature control instrument of industrial oven is used to control and display the temperature. When the temperature in the oven is lower than the set temperature, the temperature control instrument controls the continuous heating or gap heating of the heater, so that the temperature in the oven can be controlled. The function of the blower is to make the air in the drying oven horizontal (benchtop electric air blast drying oven) or vertical (floor standing air blast drying oven) convection circulation, so that the air in the oven is sent to the electric heater and heated to the studio. The hot air in the studio can heat the wet sample and the moisture will be mixed into the hot air by heating into water vapor.

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