1. electronic dry cabinet can effectively prevent wafer or grain semi-finished products in the open state, wafters may get damp and mildew caused by tube atmosphere furnace glass substrate stack.

2. N2 cabinet can prevent partial oxidation of fiber K gold joints, Bonding gold wire materials, Leadframe copper and other metals.

3.  low humidity cabinet can prevent “gold finger” spatter caused by explosive exhaust of PCB substrate before SMT process.

4. wafer storage cabinet can effectively prevent the internal oxidation short circuit of IC (including QFP/BGA/CSP) integrated circuits and other components during storage, as well as the phenomenon of internal micro-cracking, separation and delamination, and “popcorn” outside during welding.

5. chip storage dry cabinet is widely used in the field of electronic chip manufacturing. The function of electronic moisture-proof box is to include IC, chip, TFT-LCD glass substrate, energy-saving muffle furnace fiber K gold joint, bonding gold wire, copper, PCB substrate, etc.