Semiconductor laser is a kind of laser, which is often called high power laser diode. The main working principle is to complete the corresponding laser work with the help of semiconductor material. This is also the origin of his nickname. High power semiconductor lasers are separated by different output power of semiconductor lasers.

At present, the research on high power semiconductor lasers is mainly carried out in four aspects: output power, conversion efficiency, reliability and beam quality. In the aspect of output power optimization, increasing the number of luminous points and single tube laser optimization is the most widely used output power optimization method of high power semiconductor laser. Single tube laser optimization is one of the effective means. At present, the output power of single tube laser is more than 250000. In the optimization of conversion efficiency, the emphasis is on temperature control, carrier consumption control and threshold consumption control. Reliability is one of the key points of high power semiconductor laser optimization. At present, the main means to improve reliability are to optimize heat transfer structure, improve packaging technology, increase spot size, improve growth (crystal) quality and so on.

The application space of high power semiconductor laser is wide, so the research of high power semiconductor laser will be further developed, thus promoting the application development of high power semiconductor laser.