Today we briefly introduce NetDry Dry Cabinet,it is a must instrument for PCB storage in SMT production,so it is necessary to know more about dry cabinet,this can help you distinguish and select in the market:

1) The cabinet adopts reinforced cold rolled steel plate, the thickness is 1.2mm, the important component thickness is 3mm.

2) The door is installed by 3.2mm toughened glass

3) Whole cabinet adopts the electrostatic powder spraying process which is composed of 13 working processes, the surface coating is guaranteed to be used for more than 15 years, the powder raw material adopts the U.S. DuPont brand. Surface coating passed ROHS environmental protection test,surface resistance is 106-108 ohms. The surface treatment anti-static effect is permanent. Color is black.The 5% salt spray test of the cabinet body can reach 500 hours (48 hours of national standard), which has super corrosion resistance.

4) Plane pressure handle lock integrated design, with anti-theft function. removable with brake casters for easy movement and fixing.

5) Digital display of temperature and humidity,

6) The humidity sensor adopts the international famous brand U.S. HONEYWELL,humidity display error within ±3% RH. The sensor is digital.

7) Temperature error ±1°C. Humidity display range 0~99% RH, temperature display range -9°C~99°C. The digital tube is made in Taiwan with high brightness. At the same time, the special lighting technology is adopted in the design, which not only ensures the brightness, but also saves 60% display electric energy. in line with the current low carbon economy requirements.
9) The humidity display part has calibration and adjustment device , which is convenient for the customer‘s annual inspection of the equipment in the future, and is convenient to restore the display with excessive deviation to the normal value. It also facilitates the daily inspection and adjustment of customers.

For first use,the cabinet should be empty for 24 hours after power on,the temperature inside will be 1.0-2.0 degree C higher than ambient temperature when it proceeds humidity discharge,this is normal,at present,there are many brands of dry cabinet in the market,author has already introduce how to distinguish in our previous news,pls refer to:How to identify electronic dry cabinet in the market?