As you know,humidity is very sensitive, it is effected by the ambient humidity, today let’s learn what we should know before use NetDry electronic dry cabinet.

1. Pls ensure the ambient humidity must be higher than the set humidity value.

If the humidity you need is not higher than 10% RH the ambient humidity, it is recommended that you open the cabinet door and close the cabinet door when the ambient humidity is high. If the humidity you need is equal to or below the ambient humidity, it is recommended that you unplug the power and wait for the high ambient humidity to be used. When the humidity requirement is about 40% RH, the environmental humidity is higher than 60% RH and the effect is the best.

2.The humidity sensor used in the dry cabinet is the Honeywell sensor from United States, which has the advantages of high precision, less annual drift and strong anti-interference ability. The humidity display error is less than plus or minus 2% RH.

If the customer uses his own humidity tester to test that the humidity in the dry cabinet is inconsistent with the humidity displayed by the product, the cabinet can be calibrated, and the product has the function of humidity calibration. But it is recommended not to carry out humidity calibration. First of all, check the humidity tester you use is produced by a regular manufacturer, we recommend higrometer from Rotronic.

3. when the dehumidifier is working, the surface temperature is slightly higher, this is a normal phenomenon, it is not a failure.