1. ambient dehumidification and low humidity storage of IC (CSP, BGA, TQFP, TSOP)

2. printed circuit board, multi-layer substrate before pressing (pressing substrate) and low humidity storage of style soft sheet and semi-curing sheet;

3. all kinds of electronic installation, semi-finished product low-wet preservation and installation process before and between the process to prevent oxidation and low-humidityt storage;

4. low humidity storage of ceramic substrates or ceramic condensers for electronic machines;

5. low-humidity storage of crystal tablets, electrode materials, additives, etc. in the manufacture of crystal vibrator;

6. Low humidity storage of COB bare IC and LSI( bare wafer) wire racks used before installation;

7. liquid crystal display glass substrate (LCD) after cleaning dry at room temperature (to maintain the uniformity of dehydration) low humidity storage;

8. solid imaging element (CCD) is stored at room temperature and low humidity condition;

9. all kinds of precision manufacturing industry materials, semi-finished products at room temperature dehumidification and low humidity preservation;

10. Dehumidification of R & D/laboratory tests (agents), standard products, test tablets, pure metallic substances, powder materials (fine ceramics, epoxy resins, pharmaceuticals, additives), filter paper, precision gauges