Integrated circuit board, in the subsequent production process, there are generally on-line pre-processing procedures, such as burning. In this process, the circuit board will often lead to longer retention time. Many enterprises will use electronic dry cabinets to store stranded circuit boards. The following is to say in this process to store circuit board what matters for attention?

Integrated circuit board is generally classified as PCB circuit board, and also called multi-layer circuit board, its main prevention after unpacking is to prevent the chips from getting damp. The use of humidity control cabinets is also to prevent the moisture to attack circuit boards. In addition to moisture-proof, the use of dry storage cabinets can also reduce the oxidation of metal parts such as circuit board pins and achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation. Therefore, drying cabinet is the best choice for integrated circuit board and other MSD storage.

In the process of circuit board burning and recording, one of the different characteristics of chip storage and warehouse storage is that the electronic moisture-proof cabinet, which is stored, will often open and close. This is also determined by the circuit board needs to be burned out in batches of the process characteristics.

The main points for attention in the process are the dehumidification performance of the moisture sensitive level corresponding to the chip, the dehumidification speed of the drying cabinet and the recovery time of the switch door.

Generally speaking, the moisture-proof cabinet in the burning process must have fast and ultra-low humidity performance. In this respect, we can refer to our fast ultra-low humidity cabinet introduction.

In addition, it is still necessary to pay attention to the protection of static electricity when the dry cabinet is used in this process, which is carried out jointly by the anti-static consciousness of the operator and the anti-static measures of the moisture-proof box.

Another point to note is that operators need to take the material in as short a time to complete. Operators are required to place materials in electronic moisture-proof cabinets as far as possible. Good quality protection measures can cause good quality products.