Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd integrates technology research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. We have the top industrial moisture-proof drying and dehumidification technology!

We aim to create a first-class industrial drying cabinet. We have developed a series of  advanced industrial dehumidifying equipment, which is ahead of the industry, truly without false industrial grade fast ultra-low humidity dry cabinet, and is really suitable for MSD the whole IPC standard. We are committed to become the industrial dry cabinet wind direction.

NetDry dry cabinet strictly meet the requirements of the J-STD-033B standard for the storage of humidity sensitive components, and are widely used in scientific research and production units such as aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, military, ship, electronics, communications and so on. It is mainly used for dry storage of components,prevention of oxidation, mildew and deterioration.