55-60% antique, paper money, fax paper

45-55% cameras, lenses, filters, computer supplies, slides,

Film tape, CD ROM、PDA、 microphone

Under 40% optoelectronic semiconductor components, electronic parts and other products, semi-finished products.

40-50% precision machining metal products, silver, copper, model cars, tools, measuring tools, instruments, and so on.

Less than 40% medicine food, health food, Chinese and Western medicinal materials, dry food, easy to caking food materials.

Below 30% chemical raw materials: pharmaceutical raw materials, seasoning, paint, powder, powder materials, additives.

The temperature is fickle, moisture-proof dehumidification is paid more and more attention by more and more families and electronic industrial units, and the electronic dry cabinet has become the best choice for moisture-proof dehumidification because of its convenient installation, rapid and stable dehumidification, and application in family and industry is becoming more and more extensive.

Such as image materials, photographic equipment, digital electronic products, stamps, high-grade collectibles, electronic chips, silicon electromagnetic, medicine, optical supplies, and other wet-fearing items, as well as the solar energy industry, electronics industry, universities, colleges, and research institutes.

But as an electronic product, the electronic moisture-proof box also needs ordinary maintenance, below introduces for everybody, the dry storage cabinet (humidity storage cabinet) usually maintains, should pay attention to the question.