1. the principle of Shanghai electronic dry cabinet: the electronic drying cabinet adopts the principle of water vapor balance, that is, the water molecules in the air are constantly moving at irregular high speed. This movement leads to the diffusion of water molecules from high density to low density. The ultra low humidity dry cabinet can store the articles in a relatively closed space to form a moisture-proof and oxidation-proof environment to prevent moisture absorption, moisture hydrolysis and oxidation.

The electronic drying cabinet absorbs water molecules through molecular sieves composed of high-efficiency moisture-absorbing polymer materials, controls the internal and external doors for moisture absorption and dehumidification circulation, and finally drains the water molecules in the electronic drying cabinet out of the cabinet. Therefore, it can also ensure the stability of temperature, also known as constant temperature dehumidifier.

2. the principle of anti-oxidation function of Shanghai electronic moisture control cabinet: we all know that oxidation is closely related to oxygen, temperature and humidity. Under the condition of high-temperature oxygen content, oxidation will occur under normal temperature and high humidity natural environment. Experiments show that oxidation occurs when the ambient humidity is higher than 40% RH, oxidation accelerates when ambient humidity is higher than 65% RH, ambient humidity is lower than 30% RH, most metals oxidize slowly, less than 10% RH, few metals oxidize, and electronic drying cabinets are based on this principle, Under low humidity (30% RH below) or even ultra-low humidity (10% RH below) environment, oxidation, mildew conditions do not exist any more, oxidation prevention function is achieved.