How to use moisture control cabinets to protect drugs

High temperature, high humidity, strong light and other factors can easily make the medicine spoilage, so what is a good way to preserve the medicine?

According to experts, many drugs will deteriorate in hot and humid weather, different storage methods can be adopted for different drugs. Chinese herbal medicine stored in the drying cabinet can maintain maximum efficacy, pay attention to air isolation. If the tonic seal is not good, it will absorb moisture and deteriorate. Some Chinese medicine with special smell may become tainted. Try to choose a sealed glass bottle or porcelain bottle. Metal seal tank may affect the efficacy, it is best not to directly contact with medicinal materials.

In particular, ginseng, Lycium barbarum, Astragalus, Cordyceps sinensis, velvet antler and other tonic Chinese medicine, containing sugar, protein, fat and other nutrients, itself is the hotbed of insect growth, the environment humidity is more susceptible to mildew, its active components will also have chemical reactions, these herbs should be put in a moisture-proof dry cabinet, we also called desiccator dry box, preferably medium humidity dry cabinet, some unused drugs can be sealed and placed in the refrigerator freezer, before putting into the refrigerator, check that the packaging and labels are complete. It is best to put them in a fresh-keeping box or bag. Drugs suitable for summer use in refrigerators are: various injections, such as insulin, kept below 25℃, can be stored for about 6 weeks; external drugs, such as eye drops, nose drops, ear drops, lotions and mouthwash; suspension, most of the syrup containing antibiotics is added with water, the shelf life is generally not more than 15 days; suppository, too high temperature will become soft and not suitable for use, placed in the refrigerator or before use in the refrigerator, to be hardened and taken out for use.

Some drugs should not be put into the refrigerator, should be placed in a cool, dark place. If tablets and capsules, do not throw away the desiccant in the original packaging bottle, after taking the medicine should be put back to the original bottle (especially sugar coated tablets). Bulk tablets or capsules are best placed in brown glass bottles or plastic bottles. External cream, too low temperature can cause matrix stratification and affect the efficacy. Syrup, such as cough syrup, anti-allergic syrup, should be kept at room temperature after bottle opening. Powder, such as children Qingfei powder, yeast powder, mostly by moisture-proof wax paper through the machine subcontract seal, there are a lot of additives to improve taste can promote deterioration, after opening can only be stored for 3 to 5 days