As enterprises value MSD storage protection, the details of the use of industrial moisture control cabinets are gradually paid attention to. In this kind of situation, the NetDry also carries on the continuous development to the moisture-proof cabinet, now Symor has introduced the gating system, has made a further breakthrough to the MSD protection!

Both rapid dehumidification and gating systems are designed to make MSD better moisture control, Of the many MSD characteristics, one special feature needs our attention, that is, the cumulative characteristics of MSD moisture. Moisture goes deep into the MSD chip when MSD is placed in ordinary or relatively high humidity, moisture will take advantage of the empty. The purpose of the humidity control cabinet is to keep MSD from moisture by creating a low humidity environment when stored. When the MSD absorbs moisture, the moisture will exist inside the MSD and stop the moisture after the storage measures are done. When the MSD is next placed in a humid environment, the external moisture will enter the MSD, and gradually increase the degree of MSD moisture.

In these processes, the moisture will accumulate together to form a moisture accumulation process. And that’s what we usually call MSD moisture accumulation.

For the traditional industrial desiccator dry box, the drying cabinets will open and close when the MSD is stored, and the humidity will rise to a relatively high humidity environment after the opening and closing. If the industrial dry storage cabinet can not reduce the humidity in time, then the MSD is also a damp process in the process of opening and closing the door. If the dehumidification speed of the industrial humidity storage cabinet is good, the moisture accumulation of MSD will be very good.

In addition, the length of the switch door of the industrial electronic dry cabinet largely determines the degree of humidity rise after opening and closing. At present, in many enterprises, when MSD in and out of the drying cabinet, the operator is required to finish in as short a time as possible, and the opening and closing must be carried out within the specified time. However, depending on the operating staff will have many objective factors, which often makes this time difficult to achieve.

And the innovative gating system of NetDry moisture control cabinet is to control these conditions. On the one hand, if the operation staff in excess of the specified time has not ended the opening and closing, there will be a corresponding alarm warning.  the humidity in the cabinet has not returned to the ideal humidity, it is not allowed to switch on and off the cabinet door.

With the introduction of this system, it is received a good response from customers, for the MSD moisture control to provide better humidity-controlled cabinet equipment. Also, create better product quality assurance for enterprises