Materials that have strict requirements for environmental humidity can be stored in the humidity-controlled cabinet. Such as led, ic, liquid crystal, crystal oscillator, PCB, optical components, electronic components, chemicals, precision measuring instruments, photographic equipment, seed preservation, file management, antiquities, and so on. The product application covers the photoelectric factory, the scientific research industry, the university, the agricultural science institute, the equipment instrument company.


1. product name: electronic humidity-controlled cabinet

2. product model: TDA-1436F-6

5. humidity control range: 20-60% RH, fully adjustable

6. display: LCD display, intelligent communication motherboard, temperature and humidity display

7. sensor: Honeywell, USA

8. mode of work: intermittent work

9. dry cabinet material: high quality 1.2 mm cold-rolled steel plate, ESD black color, non-ESD white color

Box style: six doors, tempered glass window

Casters: universal casters with brakes

12. Adjustable shelf: 5 pieces

13. Average power: 30 W

14. Voltage/frequency: 110V/220 V/240V  50Hz/60Hz

Note: the above technical parameters are standard parameters, can be adjusted according to user needs, for specific consultation, and ask for a quote, pls send an email to,  or visit our website for more details.