Industrial humidity-controlled cabinets play an increasingly important role in factories. such as semiconductor, SMT、LED、 communications, and other industries. On the one hand, the requirements for humidity such as MSD such as IC、BGA are getting stricter and stricter, the requirements for anti-oxidation in some crystal elements, metal materials and so on are also getting higher and higher, what special attention should be paid to industrial moisture-proof cabinets?

First of all, it should be noted that the industrial humidity-controlled cabinet dehumidification performance.

The first requirement corresponding to an industrial humidity-controlled cabinet is the need for a lower humidity environment. Such as IC、BGA MSD, need to rely on IPC standards according to the humidity sensitivity of the MSD to carry out low-humidity environment requirements. There are generally 10% RH and below 5% RH. it depends on RH requirement of stored items, but there is no specific standard to refer to. Mainly according to industry experience, the general anti-oxidation requirement is 10% RH below, while the advanced anti-oxidation requirement can require 5% RH below.

The industrial humidity-controlled cabinet is very different from the traditional home-use dry cabinet. the industrial humidity-controlled cabinet is frequently opening and closing doors. Therefore, an industrial humidity-controlled cabinet needs to have a fast dehumidifying speed to ensure RH reaches the required humidity conditions.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co, Ltd adopts the most advanced molecular sieve dry module for fast dehumidifying, the heat isolation during molecular sieve regeneration has obvious advantages compared with competitors. Dry cabinet temperature offset can be within 1℃ during molecular sieve regeneration, compared with the traditional dehumidification technology, the service life of molecular sieve is increased by 3 times, also with much lower power consumption.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co, Ltd is a research and development enterprise,  which has been working to address the optoelectronic industry (LED、SMT、SMD、 semiconductors, electronic components manufacturing, BGA、PCB, etc.), Precision instruments and their components, All colleges and research institutes are prone to damp mildew during production, use and storage, Qualitative change, Oxidation, Aging, And provide moisture-proof protection program. Since its inception in 2001, The main scientific research achievements are :1. environmental test chamber; 2.Electronic dry cabinet; 3. Nitrogen (n2) cabinet; 4.Fast dehumidification cabinet;  5 Drying oven, etc. All kinds of products have been used by military industry, optoelectronic enterprises, semiconductor enterprises, and traditional microelectronics enterprises in the classification management and safe storage of precision accessories, electronic components, advanced lenses, optical equipment, integrated circuit board, microcomputer chips and precision instruments, Effective protection against mildew, Fog, Metal oxidation corrosion, Material deformation, Circuit board aging, breaking, Failure of electronic devices, Solder oxidation,etc.

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