Dry cabinet suppliers NetDry electronic dry storage cabinet, What are advantages of the electronic dry cabinet:

1.The cabinet is made of 1.2mm high-quality steel plates with good load-bearing and excellent sealing performance. Surface treatment using advanced 18 processes of orange paint, strong corrosion resistance.

2. door with 3.2 mm high strength toughened glass, anti-tilt ear structure design. Integrated design of handle lock with plane pressure. The bottom is installed with movable brake casters for easy movement and fixation.

3.LED super bright digital display, temperature and humidity sensor & gt; sensor using the United States original famous brand Honeywell, temperature and humidity independent display, long service life. Humidity can be set and memory function, no need to set after power failure.

4. humidity display range 0~99 RH, temperature display range-9℃~99. Display accuracy: humidity ±3 RH, temperature ±1℃.

5. machine core adopts Sino-Canadian cooperation technology, adopts imported moisture absorption material, obtains the Chinese national patent.

6. only moisture-proof box with an intelligent control system in the industry, save energy and prolong the service life of products.

7. After the power failure can still use the physical moisture absorption function to continue dehumidification. Humidity does not rise by more than 10% RH.24 hours

8. Exclusive ROSH environmental protection products in the industry. Avoid heavy metals and other elements to pollute the storage of valuable products.

9. for dry storage of humidity-sensitive materials, such as IC and other humidity-sensitive materials storage, you can choose an anti-static dry storage cabinet.