Many customers do not understand why they want to consult vacuum defoaming oven, but manufacturers give them vacuum oven. In fact, vacuum defoaming oven and vacuum drying oven are the same product. Sometimes we also call it vacuum defoaming oven, electric heating vacuum oven and so on, which are called according to customer demands.

The vacuum defoaming oven is mainly used for the defoaming of rubber products. The oven needs to connect the vacuum pump to extract the air in the oven to reach the vacuum state, so that the internal bubbles of the products can be extracted together,also the oven has heating function,you can set temperature value on the controller.

Vacuum drying oven is the same, it can be heated or not used heating function, temperature can be set, connected vacuum pump.


Precautions for the use of vacuum defoaming ovens are:

The vacuum oven is usually pumped before heating, but if the defoaming oven uses the heating function, please set the temperature and time on the controllervacuum defoaming box and vacuum drying boxt first, then start the vacuum pump after the temperature rises to the specified range, and start the defoaming